Do you want to design a future so compelling that you cannot wait to bring it to life? 

Do you want to design a future so compelling that you cannot wait to bring it to life? 

Do you want to design a future so compelling that you cannot wait to bring it to life? 

Feedback from Customers

of Medici Global Ventures

Andreas Sprengel

Real Estate Development from Frankfurt, Germany

“After participating with Cris in Florence, I feel encouraged in my life’s motto not just to make a lot of money, but to invest it strategically.” – Andreas

Andreas’ career path led him from banking to studying banking, eventually transitioning to the real estate development and revitalization sector. Today, he holds approximately 60,000 square meters of office space in the Frankfurt area through various family-owned companies.


Brook Hazelton

Art & Technology Executive from Farmington, CT USA

“The event was very well organized, with the perfect level of content for the audience, and a very active schedule without being over programmed with one way communication. It was the right size to form new relationships with a good number of the participants. Well done!” – Brook

Brook Hazelton is an experienced art and technology executive who also provides art advisory services to a small number of individuals and institutions. He is currently Advisory Board Chairman for LiveAuctioneers, the leading online marketplace for auction houses, and ThePackengers, a provider of e-logistics and shipping for unique items. Mr. Hazelton previously served as President of Christie’s for North & South America, and prior to that acted as global CEO of Phillips auction house. 

Jon Reynolds

Founder & CEO from Cambridge, United Kingdom

“The Medici event facilitated trusted connections with remarkable, like-minded individuals, fostering a down-to-earth atmosphere. Cris’ Medici framework, particularly the message of getting one’s ‘house in order,’ resonated deeply. Exploring new concepts, such as patronage and the role of the arts, added a refreshing layer to the experience. ” – Jon

Jon Reynolds co-founded technology company SwiftKey in 2008 and was CEO until its acquisition by Microsoft in 2016. SwiftKey is best known for its smart typing technology which features on more than 1 billion devices to date. He is now working on a new start-up Re:store looking to bring human connection back into online retail.


Thibault Montjean

IT & Cyber Security Executive from Boulogne-Billancourt, France

“The cultural and high-level aspect of the discussions among the participants at the Medici event broke down the usual barriers of shyness or pride that you often find at other similar events.” – Thibault

Thibault runs companies in IT, CyberSecurity, and also created a value oriented firm dedicated to school uniforms. He is a sports fan and never happier than in a garage fixing something.

Ben Trantham

Entrepreneur & Business Owner from Ft. Worth, TX USA

“The Medici gathering that I attended in Florence was a great event and delivered excellent value. I look forward to attending again.” – Ben

Ben Trantham is an entrepreneur and business owner of several family-run companies ranging from real estate development, social media influencing, e-commerce and most recently a Swiss acquisition of automated vehicle parking technology. 


Sangkung Conteh

Financial Entrepreneur from Glauburg, Germany

“My aspiration is to leave a lasting legacy in this world, one that I can proudly share with my children and grandchildren. The Medici Gold Community undoubtedly helps me on this journey and truly enriches both my personal and professional life.” – Sangkung

Johannes Hahn

Photographer & Amazon Business from Wuppertal, Germany

“As a business owner, the Medici GOLD Community is incredibly motivating. You will gain valuable insights about the Medici family and learn how to apply this knowledge to your business growth; how you can practically use these insights to enhance your business.” – Johannes


Vince Birley

CEO from Marietta, GA USA

“The Medici event that I attended in Florence was a first class experience with wonderful people. Three points of impact for me were: an appreciation for the arts, the importance of personal balance, and the pursuit of humble influence.” – Vince

Vince Birley has over 30 years of experience in the personal and institutional financial services industry. Prior to his current role, serving as CEO of Vident Financial, he was the Chief Strategy Officer and Chairman of the Investment Policy Committee for Ronald Blue and Co. While serving in that role, he was responsible for leading the efforts to develop the Principled Reasoning investment philosophy that the Vident indices utilize. 

Carina Thoma

Event Specialist from Palma, Spain

“I believed I was doing quite well, taking the time to reflect and maintain my personal and mental well-being. However, Cris asks you exactly those questions you need to hear, which forces you to reconsider, to refocus. His questions made me realize there are still many things I need to do in order to achieve my goals. I highly recommend the Medici GOLD Community. You’ll be inspired by amazing and inspiring people.” – Carina

Carina is a marketing and event specialist, project manager & Scrum Master with a background in business psychology.

Chris Wintersohl

Goldsmith from Palma, Spain

“I chose to join the Medici GOLD Community for its exclusive network of high-level business professionals and that it’s tailored for decision-makers and individuals looking to transform their businesses while making a significant impact on the world.” – Chris

Jeff Thomas

Founder & CEO from Houston, TX USA

“I enjoy studying successful people and families to learn from them. I also enjoy being in community with like-minded people. The Medici event in Florence inspired me to help build such a community.” – Jeff

Jeff is the Founder and CEO of Arkos Global Advisors, based in Houston, Texas. Arkos is a non-traditional multi-family office that helps families thrive across generations. Jeff also Chairs the Board of Lee Strobel Ministries and is on many other non-profit boards. 


Christian Reister

Owner & CEO - Violin Assets GmbH from Frankfurt, Germany

“I joined the Medici GOLD community to understand the Medici family dynamics, finding their thoughts and actions inspiring. The Medici family served as a role model for patrons throughout history, and the Medici GOLD community provides valuable insights into their ideas.” – Christian

Christoph Jakob

VC & Owner - Tax Consulting Firm from Baunatal, Germany

“I joined the Medici GOLD community to learn the Medici family’s secrets for success, both in business and private life. I value the holistic approach and aim to apply these lessons for a balanced and fulfilling life.” – Christoph


Wojciech Hanusek

Owner & CEO of Connectivum™ from Geneva, Switzerland

“Under Cris’s guidance and aim for lasting positive change I have gained profound insights through the lens of Florence’s cultural heritage and am forging genuine connections, leading to meaningful personal and professional advancements. This community is not just a program; it’s a life-changing experience that I am immensely grateful for.” – Wojciech

Oliver Borrmann

Corporate Management of Family Business Hark Orchideen in Lippstadt, Germany

“I was inspired to join the Medici community because of the very positive spirit I experienced during my conversation with Cris Auditore Zimmermann, who was burning with the topic. I am also inspired by the international aspect. I love that you meet with international people you wouldn’t normally run across. I think the relationship between international business owners and entrepreneurs is quite unique.” – Oliver

Oliver grew up in their family horticultural business with more than 40,000 square meters and thus his future career was virtually predestined. After his high school diploma and civil service, he studied horticulture in Osnabrück and graduated as an engineer. He then worked in management positions in international horticultural companies in Germany and abroad. Since the beginning of 2020, Mr. Borrmann has been a partner and is jointly responsible for one of the world’s largest young plant nurseries.


Simon Strobel

Entrepreneur in Security Business from Plauen, Germany

“What inspires me about the Medici community is its international focus and the great relationships I’ve formed. Through meaningful conversations, I have gotten to know other business people on a very deep level.” – Simon

Simon has served as the managing director of their family business ESRA GmbH since 2018. Through his constant drive for improvement, he leads the company into further growth steps. His passion is working with people and innovative technology. With his innovative solutions, he continually challenges those around him to think outside the box.

Peter Hopton

Tech Entrepreneur & Angel Investor from Sheffield, England

“I love hearing about the learnings of Cosimo de’ Medici and his approach to community and the people alongside the business. I think there are some really important lessons there which I can learn from and then implement to help improve my community, my business and my city.” – Peter

Peter is an entrepreneur with skills in market strategy, ideas, innovation and technology. He invented Iceotope, a server cooling technology and mentors and chairs deep-tech startups and University spin outs, helping them understand themselves, the market and investors.


Michael Hübl

Serial Entrepreneur & Founder of Bryter GmbH from Bensheim, Germany

“The most inspiring thing about being part of the Medici Community is being with a diverse group of people from fields like science, agriculture, security, tech, etc., who share a common goal. It is great to exchange our experiences and work together towards the shared goal of having an impact not only in our businesses but also in our personal lives and in the communities around us.” – Michael

Michael describes himself as a serial entrepreneur and has received multiple awards for his work. His latest company, flinc, a dynamic ridesharing service, was acquired by Daimler in September 2017. He has since co-founded and is currently the Chief Product Officer for BRYTER, the leading platform in decision automation.

Grant Webster

Managing Director - CEF from Knoxville, TN USA

“I chose to participate in the Medici GOLD community primarily because of Cris. He is an exceptional entrepreneur, and I admire how he not only learned Italian but also delved deeply into this subject matter. I was confident that the kind of people he would attract and bring together would be the type of individuals I want to learn with.” – Grant


Andrew Han

5 Stones Family Office from Singapore

“Being with Cris in Florence was an eye-opening experience. I particularly enjoyed journeying with other business people together and understanding the context of the Medici. History brought to life!” – Andrew

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Andrew has spent the last two decades living and traveling around Asia and the United States, and has gained a broad range of experiences in corporate and financial services. More recently, his focus has included technology start-ups concentrating on digital assets and healthcare. He seeks to influence and impact the marketplace with purposeful outcomes to faithfully steward the social and economic resources placed in his hands.

Timothy Blonkvist

Founding Principal of Overland Partners Architecture + Urban Design from San Antonio, TX USA

“Few Gatherings have provided such a sense of global interaction and potential for building on relationships that can stand the test of time than the Medici gathering in Florence. What a powerfully rich learning experience packed with people, places and insights into the lives of the Medici family.” – Tim

Tim is renowned for his passion and energy in creating sustainable architectural projects worldwide, from single-family homes to urban designs. He believes that architecture embodies the people it serves, emphasizing the collective impact of buildings in creating outdoor spaces. Tim’s creative force blends art, architecture, and natural light, drawing inspiration from painting in Italy and local art sessions. His early career includes working with Dr. Justus Dahinden in Zurich and I.M. Pei in New York.


Vincent W. Piselé

Founder & CEO of FootSnap from Mugena, Switzerland

“I love that there’s no competition within the Medici Community. It’s just people sharing experiences, sharing knowledge, sharing thoughts, helping and encouraging each other. It is almost like family.” – Vincent

Vincent is the founder and CEO of FootSnap, a provider of innovative solutions for the shoe industry. With over 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur,Vincent has a passion for creating and delivering value to customers and retailers through cutting-edge technology and digital transformation.

Michael Brüggler

Business Economist (FH) & Startups Investor from Agno, Switzerland

“Years ago I read about Pablo Picasso inviting other artists and intellectuals to have conversations at his home. This is how I experienced the Florence Experience.” – Michael

Michael is a business economist (FH), startups investor and CEO/CFO on demand. As a fintech and financial expert, he focuses on managing fintech applications to the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) as well as advising board members and investment committees.


Heikki Vuorikoski

Business Advisor & Serial Entrepreneur from Finland

“It’s really invigorating to meet with other business owners who are creating various companies at the same time. I love being a serial entrepreneur and I have found my community!” – Heikki

Heikki has a background in biology and genetics, and has wide experience running businesses at the top level (CEO, Business Development Director, president of the board, board member, etc.). He has exceptional expertise in SME strategy and growth, academic entrepreneurship, business plan creation, & start-ups within the area of drug development, health and wellbeing, and circular bioeconomy, as he has established eight companies within this area.

Ed Dean

Consultant from Phoenix, Arizona USA

“The Medici Community provides a safe space for A-players to talk freely about ideas while at the same time encouraging and supporting each other.” – Ed

Ed is a former senior sales and marketing executive who left the marketplace in 2004 to help various non-profit organizations and provide executive consulting to CEO’s and young entrepreneurs.


Boris Markic

Co-Founder of Quarantini Gin from Frankfurt, Germany

“What I love about the Medici Community is that it has some great diversity in it. There are different industries, backgrounds and ages. It’s a place to give and to receive. I feel like I can also contribute my knowledge.” – Boris

Tim Dann

Entrepreneur from Baar, Switzerland

“Being part of the Medici Community as a younger person allows me to really appreciate and learn from the wisdom and experience of others in the group who are further along than I am. Not just learning about their successes, but also learning from the processes to get there, including the afflictions, pains, and problems connected to it; the actual tactical aspects of life and business.” – Tim

Tim’s mission in business as an entrepreneur is to profoundly impact individuals until they flourish, and as an investor, to equip and empower other entrepreneurs to do the same.


Yannick le Plat

Co-Founder of Finca Service from Santa Maria, Spain

“There is more to the life of a business owner than just to make money. Talking about all areas of life is so refreshing.” – Yannick