Cris Auditore Zimmermann

Co-Founder & Medici Expert

Cris Auditore Zimmermann is an entrepreneur and business owner who has set up more than 20 companies in 5 different countries. He was born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany, and currently lives with his wife Andrea and their three teenage sons on the island of Mallorca, Spain.

Cris built his portfolio in real estate buying apartment complexes, hotels and commercial spaces predominantly in the Rhein Main area of Germany. His passion for ministry led him to start an urban mission organization.

Cris studied law and theology and is currently pursuing a degree in art history. His love for Italy and the Renaissance has lead him to become an expert on the Medici family and develop a personal & business development company.

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Dr. Philip Zimmermann

Co-Founder & CEO

Dr. Philip Zimmermann is a strategist and entrepreneur who has launched and led different businesses and non-profits.

Philip’s educational background includes business and theology, and he holds a doctorate in strategic leadership. As a published author, renown speaker, and respected high-level strategy consultant, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

As the co-founder, CEO and Strategic Coach of Global Medici Ventures he develops strategies to help business owners gain clarity, focus and achieve their personal and professional goals.

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Carl Thong

Local Director

Carl is a leading expert in learning and development. He has 30 years experience in consulting, completed 100+ consulting assignments and facilitated 1500+ workshops on strategy, leadership, marketing and sales development. As a serial entrepreneur, Carl founded the Sunstone Group, a holding company that owns businesses in technology, consumer products, healthcare, business process outsourcing, mining, financial services, real estate, hospitality, education and management consulting.

Carl has an inextinguishable passion to help organizations perform through enhancing the capabilities of their people. He has deep insights into the inner workings of various industries, including financial services, healthcare, life sciences and biotechnology as well as fast moving consumer goods.

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Daryl Heald

Co-Founder Renaissance Club

Daryl started in commercial real estate with the Allen Morris Co. and then spent four years at the Team Resources consulting firm, both in Atlanta, Ga. He later served as associate trustee and executive committee member of The Maclellan Foundation. In 2000, Heald helped to launch Generous Giving. He currently serves as Director of Generosity with The Maclellan Foundation as well as serving on the boards of Crown Financial Ministries, Excellence in Giving, ProVision Foundation and the Haggai Institute and is also an elder at Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church. 

Heald holds a B.S. degree in economics from Westmont College and has been a featured speaker at the Southeastern Council of Foundations, TimeOut, The Gathering, Professionals in Grant Making and other conferences. He and his wife, Cathy, live in Lookout Mountain, Georgia, with their six children.

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Bryan Starner

Operations Manager

Bryan’s professional journey embarked in the dynamic Information Technology industry, where he initiated his management career with the premier service provider of its time, Electronic Data Systems. At the helm of teams of skilled engineers, he adeptly navigated challenges while concurrently excelling as an Executive Relationship Manager, fostering robust connections with client executives.

His narrative took a transformative turn as he pivoted his focus to Pastoral Ministry, dedicating over two decades to enriching the local church. In this role, Bryan exhibited his leadership prowess, orchestrating and guiding teams of volunteers in the non-profit arena, leaving an indelible impact.

Bryan’s journey weaves a tapestry of technological acumen, spiritual dedication, and compassionate community engagement, making him a truly multifaceted and impactful individual.

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Carina Thoma

Event Specialist

Carina is a marketing and event specialist, project manager & Scrum Master with a background in business psychology.

With more than 6 years of cross industry experience, a creative mind, hands-on mentality and love for aesthetics she brings new perspectives and innovative ideas to life.

Carina has successfully orchestrated a wide range of events, from corporate conferences, festivals, parties to product launches and is known for her meticulous planning, keeping complex projects on track, and ensuring seamless operations for exceptional event experiences.

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