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Anil Khera

Founder & CEO from London, England

Anil is the Founder and CEO of Node, ( a global asset manager and operator of next generation furnished apartment and coliving rental communities in creative capital cities around the world.  Node’s mission is to create a better way to live in cities and partners with investors and developers to deliver a new way of rental living that focuses on community, convenience and affordability. Prior to Node Anil worked for 11 years at Blackstone, the world’s largest real estate investor. He is based in London with his two children and family.

“My experience with the Medici Community has found it to be open, collaborative, and insightful. I come away feeling intrigued, humbled, and motivated. It is really fantastic.”

– Anil

Jörg Walden

Serial Entrepreneur & Founder from Reutlingen, Germany

Sustainable transformation is Jörg’s vision and passion. He passionately brings his experience as a founder and company leader in software development and in innovation management to companies he has founded and financed, to medium-sized companies and other organizations.

“As a bootstrap entrepreneur you think you never have time for self development. The Medici Community provides a safe space and a culture that allows its members to slow down and talk openly with each other about things that might need to be changed in your life.”

– Jörg


Dennis Penner

Entrepreneur & Business Owner from Oberhonnefeld-Gierend, Germany

Dennis is the owner and founder of Hello Ad!, a company that specializes in winning new customers and employees for medium-sized logistics and medicine industries through video marketing, social recruiting and employer branding.

“Within the Medici Community there is a real openness among its members to have quite honest conversations which is key to just letting it go and receiving some amazing solutions.”

– Dennis

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Francesco De Meo

Consultant, Healthcare Business from Alaró, Spain

Francesco developed Helios, a start-up healthcare business, into the leading #1 privately owned European hospital group. At the age of 60, Francesco retired from the company. Today, he accompanies with his advisory boutique BE FASTER Consulting transformations in the healthcare sectors globally and start-ups in the healthcare business worldwide.

“The Medici Community helps you think about your future, not just in business, but in your personal life as well within an energetic and open-minded network of amazing people.”

– Francesco

Tobias Essinger

Founder & CEO from Frankfurt, Germany

Tobias is a speaker, consultant and film producer. He loves storytelling and inspiration. As founder and CEO of E-Productions, he works with organizations to tell their stories in ways that will help inspire and move people to action.

“Being part of the Medici Community is very energizing. I would recommend the Medici Community to any business owner or entrepreneur who not only wants to further their business development, but also their personal development and relationship development.”

– Tobias


Rob Shevlin

Property Investor from Mallorca, Spain

Rob works within the luxury real estate market with real estate agents, land owners, architects, construction and finance partners to design and build property projects from €1m-€20m end sale value.

“What I love about the Medici Community is that there is a real mix of ages, nationalities, and industries, and a shared spirit of wanting to connect and grow.”

– Rob

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