Medici Gathering 2023

Watch the recap video of the 2023 Medici Gathering; a 3-day high-exclusive gathering aimed to delve into the principles and teachings that fueled the success of one of Italy’s most influential and powerful families during the Renaissance—the Medici family.

Success Redefined

Listen to Cris Auditore Zimmermann talk about the Medici GOLD Community while watching impressions from a recent Florence Experience.

Feed the need

Discover the secret to success: putting your customers first. Cris delves into the art of adaptability and customer-centricity, with real-world examples that showcase the power of understanding and fulfilling your customers’ needs.

Investing in success

Unlocking business success requires more than just talk; it demands action and financial investment. In this video, discover the importance of putting your money where your goals are, as shared through a heartwarming family example. Learn why valuing your business and relationships means being willing to “pick up the bill” for success.

Sales leadership

Every leader must master the art of selling. Discover the crucial role of sales in business and why CEOs can’t delegate this responsibility. Learn how sales drive your business’s survival and growth.

Empathy in action

Explore the challenge of making tough business decisions and uncover insights into maintaining empathy while ensuring success. Learn how one entrepreneur gracefully managed a significant workforce transition.

Don’t jeopardize your family

House rule #4 advises against jeopardizing one’s family for the sake of business success. In this video Cris stresses that while creating and venturing in business is important, it shouldn’t come at the cost of risking family well-being.

Hunting for inspiration

In this video Cris discusses the significance of actively seeking out and reading physical books in an age dominated by digital content. Cris sees reading as a transformative experience that slows down the mind, allowing one to absorb and process information deeply and he underscores the importance of reading for personal inspiration and sharing that inspiration with others.

Coffee in Italy

In this video Cris explains that Coffee is not just a beverage, it’s a way of life in Italy. Italians take their coffee seriously, and they have certain rules when it comes to ordering and consuming this delicious drink.

A personal invitation…

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